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Our community is committed to the environment and 100% fair trade for the user (we will not charge you fees or commission on your direct sale like other companies)

Book (from the Latin liber),


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Street market in your streets

We are all used to neighborhood street markets. You will find books around you in your neighborhood or city. Then you can meet with the user to buy or sell the book you want. Additionally, thanks to the integration with Beseif, you can make shipments for €2.90 (sales through Beseif shipment have a 3% commission)

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Algorithms for you

We love algorithms, and so do our users, that's why we have created a series of algorithms to make life easier for users who want to buy/sell second-hand books. You can scan the book directly to add it to the platform, subscribe to alerts for books you cannot find...

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Available in your country

In difficult times, incredible ideas arise. From now on, we are available in ALL countries and the platform will be able to detect your country automatically. If not, you can change it at the bottom of the website.

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Do you have a bookstore?

If you have a bookstore, you will be able to access our service, and you will also have a series of advantages. First of all, welcome bookstores, here you have a place on the internet to give visibility to your products. You will also have a distinctive seal indicating that the product is from a bookstore, and soon you will be able to enjoy the functionality that invites the user to visit the bookstore to meet with another user from the same platform and make their sale. Visits for everyone!

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Make you smile, save your time, help you read more. Find articles near your position, communication from the app itself with chat, price recommender based on the platform, alert system for books you cannot find (Isn't it amazing that machines can think?), ISBN scanner that categorizes the book when adding it (definitely one of my favorites), a community that grows daily.

The story

We all have a story to tell, this is ours

Collaborating and Recommended Companies

We all have a story to tell, this is ours